Fully Woven Indoor Natural Cane

Highest Quality Indonesian Natural Cane

Natural Rattan is an ideal material to make furniture, because it is strong, flexible & last a long time. It has a relatively short growing period, which makes it a truly sustainable raw material. We only use the best quality natural rattan sourced from the forest of Indonesia to produce our natural cane furniture.  With over two decades of experience in making natural cane furniture, we have mastered the technic to shape natural rattan into unique flat planks & curves. Our in house weavers are also able to weave the most delicate fine rattan loom similar to Lloyd Loom into bespoke pieces. We also combine other natural raw materials like twisted banana leaf to blend with our rattan designs.

Our furniture designs span from the very traditional, to the modern day fully woven designs. We also incorporate different finishes from natural wash colouring for the soft natural feel, to bright acrylic coating to match our modern designs.


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East Java - 61252 - Indonesia
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